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Attention Ladies and Gents of Enfield (North London)  HATE Gyms, FEEL unfit, STRESSEd out, ANXIOUS, STRUGGLE to lose weight, NERVOUS of Group Fitness Classes, WORRIED you won't keep up or MISS raving? 

Do you want to IMPROVE your fitness, feel CONFIDENT in a group fitness class, feel ENERGISED and MOTIVATED?   Then come and join FREE Rave in The Dark Dance Fitness taster class.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of then claim your FREE class by clicking this link  right away!  

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What can I say about Yvonnes classes....whether it's Zumba or Clubbercise, I feel alive! When I first started Zumba I was a bit nervous as I didn't know anyone and I can be a bit shy. But Yvonne instantly made me feel welcome and was so helpful by keeping an eye on me during the class and giving me pointers on the next moves. She would always pick me back up if I went off track. She's so in tune with everyone in her class and really looks out out for everyone. I started Zumba bcos I wanted to become more fit and healthy, which I feel I have achieved, but it's so much more to me than that. Yvonnes classes are so much fun and full of positive vibes. If I ever felt down, I can count on feeling great after a class. She has the most amazing energy and charisma you can't help but just love her. It makes me want to dance harder. I've been going for a few years now and It feels like being part of a family, we support each other and laugh with each other. I need to find exercise fun to be motivated to do it, and Yvonnes classes certainly tick the box. I wouldn't give it up for anything! NICOLA HENSON FROM CHESHUNT
I highly recommend Yvonne and her classes, she's so lovely, welcoming, helpful and high energy! I look forward to her class the most every week. I struggled with the steps in the beginning but Yvonne is very patient and takes the time to help those who are new to help them feel more included! REBECCA FROM ENFIELD
Having stumbled on to Yvonne's Zumba class about 16 months ago I soon became a regular at the Clubbercise classes also run by Feeling the Fitness. Wow wow WOW!!!! Yvonne's classes are packing full of banging tunes and routines. They are broken down nicely so they can be easily followed and the classes just turn into one big glow fest, dancing around in the dark with glow sticks riding high! I love the classes run by Yvonne and look forward to them each week - highly recommended.  TRACY BARKER FROM ENFIELD

Every Tuesday I attend Yvonne's Clubbercise class! WOW! Such an amazing, exhilarating experience, Clubbercise is not just a workout it is an experience like no other! Packed with laughter, disco lights, glow sticks and amazing feel good music you are sure to have a thorough workout without it feeling like an ordinary exercise class! With a supportive instructor like Yvonne who will take you step by step through the routines, you are sure to have fun and a workout like no other. Thanks Yvonne! LAURA SCOTT FROM ENFIELD

Just got home from clubbercise with Yvonne John , fantastic music , the friendliest class I've even done , exercising in a darkened room with glow sticks. Can not recommended highly enough , FUN FUN FUN am totally hooked!  DORA PAGE FROM WALTHAM ABBEY

WOW! What an amazing class!! Just finished Yvonne's class and I am still buzzing, ready for more! Amazing feel good music and so many laughs! Clubbercise with Yvonne is such a fantastic way to exercise!! I love the idea of the glow sticks and the disco lights, it really is a new way of feeling good while exercising! Already counting down untill Yvonne's next class! L SCOTT FROM ENFIELD

 Just got back from a clubbercise class  all I can say is what a wicked class fantastic music with a wonderful instructor who breaks all the moves down for you defo booking more clubbercise session.  JENNA ALMOND FROM ENFIELD

Just come back from Clubbercise with Yvonne John! How can I describe it Zumba with a difference!! Darkened room and glow sticks! Gives you a really good cardio workout to great music...You do feel like you are at a rave!! Definitely going back next week for more! GONUL DOGAY FROM BUSH HILL PARK

Just attended my first class dancing with glo sticks with Yvonne. Brilliant, great fun and clearly the other ladies there were enjoying themselves. Must book beforehand as it is VERY popular, looking forward to the next one. LORRAINE CODY FROM ENFIELD


OPTION 1 - 4 CLASS PACKAGE(To be used in 4 weeks)


Reasons you should chose this option

You are short on time but know you should do something active
You feel like you don't have time for yourself
You want to get fit but can only commit to 1 class a week
You'll no longer feel guilty that you are not doing regular exercise
You'll get some Me Time, Improve your fitnessn feel Energised and Confident, which means you'll function better day to day.
You can fit your class around your other classes. Book now!

OPTION 2  - 8 CLASS PACKAGE(To be used in 4 weeks)


Reason you should chose this option

You're looking for faster results with weight loss and/or toning
You want to significantly improve your fitness
You want to do more than 1 class a week
You will get toned quicker and feel happier with your body
You'll notice an increase in your stamina within weeks
You’ll feel motivated to stick to healthier lifestyle choices. Book Now


More packages coming soon

Email:              feelingthefitness@hotmail.com

Yvonne John:  07544 598 003 

Please check back regularly for more updates!

 Please remember to bring water and a flannel.

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